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Telephone Banking Signup Instructions

We have recently implemented a new system with enhanced security features to provide maximum security of your account information. New users and previous Touch-Tone-Teller users will need to enroll in the new system.

Enrolling in the system:

Step 1:

Phone in at 1-800-808-2226. Press the (*) key after listening to the telephone banking greeting.

You will be asked to key in your User ID. Your User ID is your member number. Member numbers can be found on the top of your monthly statement. Note to previous Touch-Tone Teller users: You no longer need to enter the first two letters of your last name with your member number.

Step 2:

Enter your PIN. If you do not yet have a PIN, enter your SSN or EIN.

Step 3:

Register the phone numbers you will be calling from. You may register your mobile, home and work phones.

Step 4:

Setup three Challenge Questions and answer from the options provided. In the future, you will need to answer one of these questions to verify your identity.

Step 5:

Create a Personalized Message. You may record your own or select from a list of options. You should hear the message you select each time you call in.

Step 6:

Enter a new PIN. Your new PIN must be 6-10 digits and it can not be the same as your online banking PIN.

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