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Student Center
ABCO Federal Credit Union strives to provide Financial Services for a lifetime. This includes members from an early age through social security times. You're probably wondering what a credit union has to offer someone of your age. The answer is quite a bit! ABCO wants to transform our younger members into money-savvy young adults. This page will introduce our services that are extremely popular among our younger members. Later, as you browse our site you will get a more detailed look at many other services that are available to our members.

Regular Share Savings. To become a member everyone must have a regular savings account sometimes known as the primary account. To open such an account it takes a deposit of $50 plus a $10 one-time membership fee. Membership forms may be requested from any branch office, by calling our toll-free number, or download a form. By Federal regulations, you will be required to verify your identity. Please contact us about what you will need to provide.

Private Student Loans are available to members that are planning to attend a higher institution of learning. ABCO can offer various ways that will help member students further their academic goals. These loans are offered to students and parents that are in need of financial help to help pay for tuition and/or books. Contact us for details and financing options.

Student checking accounts, better known as Share Drafts, are available. This account is for young people that have not reached the age of 24. There is no minimum deposit to open the account. Upon opening an account the student member is given a free box of 50 checks. There is no monthly service charge. Dividends are paid on balances over $500.

Along with the free "checking" account the member is given an ATM/Visa Check Card. This is a convenient way of getting to your funds while attending school or traveling. Parents usually can deposit money into their student's share draft account which then may be accessible by a debit card.
A VISA credit card is available to students with credit limits up to $2,000. With credit so very important, this is a good way to begin to establish a credit history. Properly used, it is an excellent way to purchase incidentals such as books, clothing, etc., in school.

Certificate of Deposit (long-term) savings are also available. Many different types of terms and rates are available.

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