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Important Information About Your Privacy

ABCO Federal Credit Union recognizes the importance of protecting the privacy of our member's personal information

It is always our goal to protect that information. Whether it be in a branch, at one of our ATMs, on the telephone, or online through the Internet, security is a high priority. This Privacy Notice explains what information ABCO Federal Credit Union and its subsidiaries ("affiliates") collect, when we share it and how we protect it. It covers all ABCO Federal Credit Union affiliates including ABCO Federal Credit Union, ABCO Advantages L.L.C. and CUISG (Credit Union Insurance Service Group) and other service providers that are owned directly or indirectly by ABCO Federal Credit Union.

Your Personal Information We Collect
When you utilize ABCO's products and services, we collect information from you in person, during telephone interviews and on applications and other forms you provide. We may also collect information about you from outside sources such as credit reporting agencies.

The Information We Collect
We collect information about you from the following sources:
Information you give us on applications or other forms, transactions with us or our affiliates, transactions with other parties, information from a consumer reporting agency.

We maintain any information provided, as well as your business transactions, according to our usual security and confidential standards.

Sharing Your Information With Our Affiliates
ABCO Federal Credit Union affiliates work together to offer you a wide range of financial products and services. We may share information among ourselves about the products and services you maintain with us. We do this to serve you more efficiently and make it easier for you to conduct business with ABCO Federal Credit Union. For example, if you obtain insurance services through CUISG (Credit Union Insurance Service Group).

Your Information And Other Parties
We do not share any personal information about you or our former members with third parties, except as permitted or required by law and as necessary for business purposes. For example, we may share information to comply with U.S. tax laws and court orders or with credit reporting agencies of if we receive your permission to do so. We also share information with companies that work for us in providing you products and services. Such companies include check printers and online bill payment service providers. These companies act on our behalf and are obligated to keep this information confidential.

ABCO Federal Credit Union's owned affiliates seek to meet your financial needs. This allows us to provide you with products and services appropriate to your needs, such as our insurance, brokerage and financial planning programs.

Third parties can obtain your personal information from outside sources. This information could be used for solicitation purposes. For example, when you obtain a mortgage or equity loan, by law the transaction is recorded in the public land records of the jurisdiction where the property is located. This information includes the lender's name and is available to the public through the recording clerk's office.

Employee Controls
We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information. We require our employees to sign confidentiality agreements to maintain the privacy of your information.

Keeping Your Information Secure
We access your personal information only upon your request, to service or maintain your accounts or to provide other services. We have established and continually maintain security standards and procedures to help us protect you from unauthorized access to your confidential information, including through the Internet.

You Have The Right To Choose
Under certain circumstances, federal laws give you the right to instruct financial companies not to share some of your information. This is referred to as "opting out" of information sharing. The laws also permit financial companies to share certain information about you without permitting you to opt out. Generally, this type of information sharing is necessary for normal business such as maintaining your accounts, complying with your requests and offering you additional products or services. Fortunately, ABCO Federal Credit Union affiliates only share information with third parties for normal business reasons. You may not be able to "opt out" of any of our information sharing activities. Despite our limited sharing practices, non-affiliated third parties can still obtain information about you from consumer reporting agencies and other outside sources to market their own products and services. If you wish to limit their ability to obtain and use your information with third parties in connection with pre-approvals for credit. You may also choose to send your request to be added to the OPT OUT list by mail. For the addresses of the credit reporting agencies, click here.

Contact ABCO Federal Credit Union
Your trust is important to us. If you have any questions concerning the privacy of your information or if you need to correct information we have on file, please contact us at:

ABCO Federal Credit Union
P.O. Box 247
Rancocas, NJ 08073 - 0247
800. 225. 1859

Revised March 2006

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