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A Certificate Account is similar to a savings account, the major difference being you agree to keep a pre-determined amount of money in the certificate account for a specified amount of time. In exchange for agreeing to keep your money in the account for the term of the certificate, you are guaranteed a higher interest yield.

There are two types of Certificate Accounts - Regular and Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Each have terms ranging from 6 months to 60 months. Each type of Certificate Account has its own conditions and restrictions. Both are subject to penalties for early redemption.

 Certificate Rates
Base Rate
Min. Amount
6 mo. CD
6 mo. CD.20%$20,000.20%
6 mo. CD.25%$100.000.25%
6 mo. IRA CD.15%$500.15%
6 mo. IRA CD.20%$20,000.20%
6 mo. IRA CD.25%$100.000.25%
12 mo. CD.25%$500.25%
12 mo. CD.30%$20,000.30%
12 mo. CD.35%$100,000.35%
12 mo. IRA CD.25%$500.25%
12 mo. IRA CD.30%$20,000.30%
12 mo. IRA CD.35%$100,000.35%
24 mo. CD


24 mo. CD.50%$20,000.50%
24 mo. CD.55%$100,000.55%
24 mo. IRA CD.45%$500.45%
24 mo. IRA CD.50%$20,000.50%
24 mo. IRA CD.55%$100,000.55%
36 mo. CD.65%
36 mo. CD.70%
36 mo. CD.75%
36 mo. IRA CD.65%
36 mo. IRA CD.70%$20,000.70%
36 mo. IRA CD.75%$100,000.75%
48 mo. CD.85%
48 mo. CD.90%
48 mo. CD.95%
48 mo. IRA CD.85%
48 mo. IRA CD.90%$20,000.90%
48 mo. IRA CD.95%$100,000.95%
60 mo. CD1.15%
60 mo. CD1.20%
60 mo. CD1.25%
60 mo. IRA CD1.15%
60 mo. IRA CD1.20%$20,0001.21%
60 mo. IRA CD1.25%$100,0001.26%


Stop by one of our branches to obtain a CD. 

*Annual Percentage Yield. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Rates current as of 8/01/2017. Rates subject to change at any time without notice.                                                                        


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