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Like paper statements, only better.

Reduce the clutter in your mailbox, avoid mail theft and save yourself some cash! Sign up for e-statements and conveniently access your financial statements online, whenever you want, instantly through online banking. We will send you an email when your current statement is available. Start taking advantage of this free service today!

To Enroll in e-statements

1. If you're already registered for online banking, simply login and click on the e-statements tab.

2. Once you are there you will be guided through a short form and will be asked to accept the terms and conditions.

3. That's it! We will send you an email when your current statement is available and you can login and view it or print it if you'd like.

If you are not signed up for online banking, visit goabco.org/onlinebanking to register. Step by step instructions can be found here. Still need help? We will be happy to assist you. Contact Member Care at 1.800.225.1859.

The benefits of eStatements far out weight the benefits of paper statements. E-statements are:


e-statements are a free service of the credit union.


e-statements are environmentally friendly.


Access your e-statements at any time of the day or night through online banking.


No waiting for mail to arrive. Your e-statement will be available days earlier than a paper statement.


You’ll have a convenient way of accessing past statements. You'll have access up to 18 months of statements at your fingertips whenever you need them—no more filing!


Your e-statements will be stored within our secure online banking platform. Paper statements are only as secure as the post office and your mailbox. e-statements are proven to help reduce identity theft.

e-statements FAQs

Is there a fee for e-statements?

No, e-statements will replace your paper statements.

Are e-statements secure?

Yes. All ABCO Federal Credit Union information, including e-statements, is located on secure servers, protected by multiple layers of security.

What types of account statements can I receive electronically?

Your e-statement will include any savings and checking accounts you have with the credit union. Your Visa credit card statement can also be received as an estatement.

How do I get a copy of my original statement?

Your e-statement is your original statement. A printed copy of your e-statement can be used as as a legal document. Each statement will be accessible for up to 18 months.

Can I print or download my e-statement?

Yes. You can print e-statements by clicking on the printer icon on the right hand side of the page.

Will I be able to view a previous month, if I forget to save it?

Once you start receiving your e-statements, they will continue to be accessible for 18 months. Simply visit the e-statements library and select the month you wish to view in the drop-down.

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