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Accessing Your Funds
Disaster Updates
Emergency Numbers & Websites
Disaster Preparedness Tips

Unexpected natural disasters can happen at any time. We want our members to know we have taken every effort, investing time and resources to ensure the safety of your money and account information and to limit interruptions in your access to financial services in the event of a disaster. We have implemented a fully replicating duplicate computer system at a remote location. In addition, your funds are federally insured up to $250,000 by the the National Credit Union Administration, a governmental agency.

How to access your funds in the event of branch closures or displacement from your home

Visa ATM/Check card

An ABCO FCU Visa ATM/ Check Card gives you 24-hour access and complete control of your accounts. Use the card wherever VISA is accepted to make purchases with funds from your ABCO FCU Checking Account or withdraw cash from over 300,000 ATMS worldwide.

Shared Branching Network

ABCO FCU is part of a national network of cooperative credit unions, providing our members with free, easy access to their accounts at over 4,900 locations. At shared branching locations across the tri-state area, the country, and the world you can now enjoy a host of services, just like you would at your home credit union.

To find a shared branch near you, visit cuservicecenter.com or call 1-800-919-2872.

Online Banking & Touch-Tone Teller

Online Banking and Touch-Tone Teller will allow you to view account balances and transaction activity 24 hours a day/7 days a week. They will also allow you  ability to transfer money between accounts an and make a check withdrawal. If you are not yet signed up for online banking, sign up now. The number to Touch-Tone Teller is 1.800.808.2226.

Disaster Updates

In the event of a disaster, information will be posted to our website www.goabco.org and our Facebook. Like us on Facebook to make sure you get the most recent updates.

Emergency Numbers & Websites

New Jersey Office of Emergency Management - 609-777-2600

Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management

Delaware Office of Emergency Management


Burlington County Office of Emergency Management - 609-261-3900

Atlantic County Office of Emergency Management - 609-407-6700

Gloucester County Office of Emergency Management - 856-307-7100

Disaster Preparedness Tips 

1) Make sure your family's health, life, and property are protected with adequate insurance. Haven't thought much about your homeowner's or life insurance policy lately? Now may be a good time to review your coverages to ensure you're sufficiently covered in the event of a disaster. If you feel confident your insurance needs are being met, take the time to create an inventory checklist. This will ensure you receive the reimbursement you're entitled to in the event disaster strikes.

2) Create a "Financial First Aid Kit." Place all important documents into one waterproof bag that can be retrieved quickly in the event you need to evacuate quickly. Keep this bag in a fire-proof safe. The bag should include:

a. Birth Certificate(s)/Adoption Papers b. Social Security Card(s) c. Passport/Green Card d. Naturalization Documents e. Marriage License f. Divorce Papers g. Will h. Power(s) of Attorney (personal/property) i. Mortgage or Real Estate Deeds of Trust j. Vehicle Registration/Ownership Papers k. Tax documents

3) Sign up for direct deposit of your paycheck/federal benefits check. Keep in mind a disaster can disrupt mail service for days or even weeks. For those who depend on the mail for their Social Security benefits, a difficult situation can become worse if they are evacuated or lose their mail service. Switching to electronic payments will ensure your money is in your account regardless of whether the mail service is operating or your financial institution is open.

4) Sign up for an ATM/Check Card or emergency credit card. Having an ATM or credit card handy will ensure your access to necessary funds in the event of a disaster. Your ABCO FCU ATM/Check Card will allow you to withdraw cash from over 300,000 ATMS worldwide. Designate one credit card for emergency use only. It should have enough available credit to accommodate purchases of food and supplies for a week or more. Making purchases on a credit card will also help you document disaster related expenses, which may be reimbursed by your insurance company or other assistance program.

5) Keep some cash handy. Have some emergency cash or traveler's checks set aside in a safe, secure place. How much you need depends on your family's circumstances, but a few hundred dollars may be good. It should be easily accessible. Remember that banks and ATMs may be inaccessible if there are power outages, curfews or mandatory evacuations

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