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10 Things to Love About Your Credit Union in the Summertime...

1) "Summer, summer summertime... time to sit back and unwind..." (That's what Will Smith said, anyway...) Whether you're planning a trip to the Jersey shore or to Paris, we have money to lend to help you make it happen. Personal loan rates start at 10.9% APR* and are available in a variety of terms.

2) If you are heading to the land of croissants and cafes (or elsewhere abroad), you may want to think about opening an ABCO FCU Visa card. Your ABCO Visa will be accepted at locations worldwide and is available at a low fixed rate starting at just 10.9% APR*.

3) Whether you're in Wildwood, France, or just in your backyard, keep on top of your finances with ABCO's online banking and bill payer. Newly redesigned, ABCO's online banking and bill payer offers a simple and secure way to access your accounts and pay bills from anywhere with an Internet connection.

4) Thinking about adding solar panels to your home, building a new deck, or giving EP Henry a call to update your landscaping? An ABCO Home Equity Line if Credit is a fantastic option for financing home improvements. Home Equity Line of Credit rates start at just 4.5% APR*. At that rate, a Home Equity Line of Credit is just about the most economical financing option you're going to find.

5) If you own a seasonal business like landscaping or pool installation, don't forget ABCO also offers a full range of business services including business loans, business checking, and even credit and debit card processing services. Contact a business services officer at 1.800.225.1859 ext. 7613 to learn more.

6) Is Jack or Jill heading to college in the fall? ABCO FCU offers a low-interest private student loan option.

7) While the kids are home for the summer, give them a financial education with Balance Track Personal Education Center. Balance Track offers online education modules on all of the core aspects of personal financial management. Upon completion your child will be on the way to sound money management. A complimentary service offered to you by your credit union.

8) If you have a summer baby on the way, with the rising cost of higher education it's never too soon to start saving for your child's education. Talk to one of our financial professionals at the CU Financial Insurance Group about opening a 529 or other educational savings plan. Call 1-888-439-0770.

9) Ahh... summer. There's nothing like driving with the windows down on a summer night... listening to your favorite song, or just taking in the smell of barbecues and fresh cut grass in the air. That experience could be slightly less enjoyable if you keep running into car problems. Take advantage of our Summer Auto Event and finance a 2007-2011 with our vehicle loan starting at just 3.99% APR*.

10) No-fee checking accounts. While many banks are now charging for checking accounts that were once free, checking at your credit union remains without a monthly fee. In fact, according to a recent study, a bank customer will pay more than twice, sometimes almost as much as three times as much, for the same services and benefits as a credit union member. Learn more about our checking accounts.

*Annual Percentage Rate.

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